Beauty Queen

BEAUTY QUEEN   – Paris –   2016-2018

Art Concept – Photo & Edit by LAURA MA
Starring Models   
Amenis Li as Cleopatra
Louise Blueregard as Marilyn Monroe 
Simba Ba as Kylie Jenner 
Giordana Tiberi as Frida Kahlo

Beauty Queen is an artistic series about women and the dilemma they have to choice between power & sacrifice in a patriarchy social world. I decided to represent some of the most iconic women in her different eras of human history. Living legends and still after their death but also symbol of their own vulnerabality. Real icons like Marylin Monroe, Cleopatra, Kylie Jenner and Frida Kahlo. This art series is about women’s beauty standards throughout history. . What bring this icons to their own decline ? Power is it a hindrance or a boost for women’s hapiness ?


NATURE VIVANTE 4 – Kylie Jenner – Digital Era

The dictatorship of women’s beauty.

People want to rise Kylie Jenner as a living icon, no matter what people will think about her, indeed. But can we say that her multiple surgeries to get her beauty socially accepted in the elite’s world, will cause her own degradation ? At her early age, she suffers of multiple surgeries for being accepted and recognized in the actual tyranny of women beauty standards and stereotypes. Social pressure against women beauties, push her to transform her child face and body to looks like the typical occident beauty types. 


NATURE MORTE 3 – Marilyn Monroe – Contemporary Times 

The persecution of women’s life goals.

Marilyn Monroe was a living legend too, a model, actress and singer. She was powerful, rich, glorious by the past and still now. She was desired by a lot who succumbed of her charm, literally a sex-symbol. But she was depressed because of her loneliness, and the deception to feel that she was not succeeded all her goals (unsuccessful marriages, no child and drugs issues). She was finally always perceived as a sexual object. This, is an important social pressure for a women of her time and probably still ours…


NATURE MORTE 2 – Frida Kahlo – Contemporary Times  


NATURE MORTE 1 – Cleopatra – Classical Antiquity

Beauty Queen highlights the social pressure at different times for the most iconic women, by the past until now. The story is always about a sacrifice of her own happiness.

Paris,  Juillet 2016
Editing / Grading / Videoshoot : Charles N Richard
Art concept – Cast & Director of Photography : Laura Ma
Operator : Thomas Perez
Starring Models : Amenis Li as Cleopatra | Louise Blueregard as Marilyn Monroe | Simba Ba as Kylie Jenner | Giordana Tiberi as Frida Kahlo
MUAH   Paula Ancart | Marie V-rag | Mélissa Gaboriau
Music from Alessia Cara – Here ( Lucian Remix )
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