Public Diary

During your lifetime you’ve met a lot of different kind of people, especially the night. But these people came & go. Years after years, you’re starting to loose the memory. But the 1st chapter will forever remind me your face. You, the one who crossed my way in a single moment. The 2nd Chapter talk about our digital era. The desire to show our relationships through a screen. How much can a screen talk ? The 3rd & 4th Chapter broke the screen by writing love letters to unknown people. Building a blind connection with just words written from the heart.

Public Diary – First Chapter – 2014/2017

When my grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease, I was quickly marked by rejection and the fear of losing my memory. I don’t understand how you can forgot your entire life after living for so long. Why should I live if at the end there is no trace? So, after this, my photographic practice has changed. I needed to show a different sensitivity. The digital gave me perfect pictures, devoid of poetry. I began to buy film and use various old cameras. In this series, each portrait has become the story of my life, the memory of the people I meet. We can see people as they are and we can feel this thanks to my blurred and poorly framed pictures, what interests me is the attitude of people and their relationship with their bodies. I photograph my time, the people who compose it, their passions.

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Public Diary – Second Chapter – 2015

After those analog pictures, the idea of making Public Diary #2 appeared, especially since I wanted to capture my time. I left my old film cameras to replace them with my phone, the main communicative object which characterizes our time. These pictures show the evolution of my relationships. I show how people write today, how they can say everything and nothing, I emphasize the simplicity of life. In this series, I am both a witness and actress and I have deliberately put the viewer in a voyeuristic situation. The viewer sees what I saw and reads what I got. This virtual screen comes back to life thanks to the viewers because this text could be that of anyone. I try to open myself. I have succeeded in doing that thanks to photography.

Public Diary – Third Chapter – 2016

Write letters to strangers – Wait the answers – Discover people with letters – Give more personal than a text message

Public Diary – Fourth Chapter – 2020

« Live Postcards from Heaven« 

Sending virtual poems to internet.

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